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Origin: British Country: UK-Leeds Age: 23

Works as Escort in Bangkok
European escort in Bangkok


🍒 I am Emma, from Leeds, UK. You know, people call me gold-digger. Oh yes, I am one. But what else I dig even more is known only to people who have been with me. I dig the company of a real male. The one who can make me work for what I take from them. I like the one who can take everything that I can give them.

🍒 I know how lonely you feel when you are visiting Thailand without your wife. I also see how you will like to kill your boredom. People come here to enjoy the kind of life that they cannot experience when they are in their home countries. People come here to satisfy that part of their craving which will never be satisfied. I know that the more they have it, the more they will want. And that is what I plan to give.

🍒 You may wonder what is so unique about me. You won’t know that till you have spent an evening with me behind closed doors. Maybe people who have spent time with me can tell you that. But then you will never hear from them because I never speak others about the people who have spent their time with me. I know the privacy that you want, and I know that everyone wants that privacy.

🍒 But it is not just because of the privacy issues that they won’t tell you about me. It is because even if you are close friends, they will be too shy to say the things that we have done together. If you thought you know everything that can be done by two people on a bed, then come to me and find out that you are wrong. There are so many other things that we can do together. There are so many we can explore together. 

🍒 I know that there are certain things you can never get from your wife. There are things that husbands don’t expect their wives to do. It is all those things that I will do for you. It is the promise I give to all my clients. I can confidently say that those who have come to me once will never go to another escort. Whatever is their needs I will take care to fulfill all of them, however naughty they may be.

🍒 I know that you come to me to get special treatment and I will give you that. But you should know that we English girls are good at providing an even better at taking. So, come prepared to provide me with the pleasure that I crave. Come to me to burn all your desires in me. I will make sure all your fantasies come true when you are with me. All you need to do is to demand with love. And I will be willing to give everything you crave for.


🍒 Shyness is not a word that people commonly associate me with. I am known to be bold and open. So, whatever be your secret fantasy, open up to me. Whatever it is that you never could speak with your lover or wife, talk to me and get your fill of pleasure. Whatever it is that you were ashamed to even think in your mind, we will do it together. As my clients like to say, Emily is made to be enjoyed. All I demand from you is to come with full energy. 

🍒 Once we get behind closed doors, you will know how hardcore things can get. I will show you what even Kama Sutra has not explained. Come to me and take your pleasure but be sure to please me too.

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