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Should I Date or Consider Ukrainian, European and Russian Escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Phuket (Thailand)?

This is a very tricky one, but to pick a side, we suggest you consider Ukrainian, European and Russian Escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Phuket girls in Thailand. In this post, we will try to explain and make you understand why settling for Ukrainian, European and Russian Escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Phuket ladies in Thailand is simply a better option than dating. 
Regardless of whatever we say, you have the final say. Remember, it is your life, and you must make your decisions for, and by yourself. 

Why Should I Consider Ukrainian, European and Russian Escort in Bangkok "Thailand" Instead of Dating? 

Dating is a Time-Waster
If your definition of “dating” resonates with ours, then we consider it an unnecessary baggage and waste of time. Even if you and your to-be dates are a match made in heaven, things can be boringly slow and procedural. 
If your plan is to spend the vacation in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, then you most likely don’t have enough time to approach a lady, make her feel comfortable, win her over, pretend to not be interested in sex, buy her gifts, confess your feelings for her, initiate sex, and finally, break up with her. That cycle is painstakingly long, and we don’t recommend it by a chance. 
There are a lot of escorts in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Phuket ladies, especially Russians, Europeans and Ukrainians that can give you a girlfriend experience (GFE) service that will beat the real girlfriend experience by miles. The best part of it is that you get to enjoy only the benefits of having a girlfriend while totally escaping the other side of it. 

Emotional Attachment is NOT as Romantic as People Claim
Watching men getting emotionally attached to their girlfriends or wives is very romantic when viewing it on the screen of your TV, smartphone or laptop. In reality, it is not as fun and romantic as it seems. Getting emotionally attached to a lady in Thailand is probably one of the things you want to avoid by all means. 
If you fall into this trap, there’s every possibility that your vacation will become centered around pleasing your newly found girlfriend, and making everything up to her. Before you realize what’s going on, the holidays are over, and you have successfully achieved probably only 15% of your vacation plans. 
Then you begin to wonder how time flew by without your noticing. The fact is that dating in Thailand will have you so invested in your partners that you lose interest in doing other things. Considering that you have only a short period of time, that is not a good bargain for you.

Dating Rids You of Options
When you date, you stay committed to your partner, promising to stay faithful to them, and them alone. Sincerely, staying committed to one partner is a very good thing to do, but we don’t think Thailand is the place to commit to a woman. Have you seen the beautiful temptations parading the streets? 
If you don’t get yourself into any dating relationship, you have the total freedom to sample as many of them as you can without offending anyone. But if you have a girlfriend somewhere, you’d better not let your left hand know what you are thinking, let alone doing. Commitment is good, but not for your short visit to Thailand.
Dating Can Breed Bad Blood
Most relationships start like a Disney movie storyline. You know, a bed of roses, with lovers smiling at each other uncontrollably, and their bellies filled with butterflies. These are just temporary feelings that are doomed to fade with time. So, when the infatuation fades away, and reality kicks in, what happens next?
How do you explain to your lovely girlfriend that she cannot go back with you to your home country? Or, do you plan to go and come back to her like a soldier husband? If you are not careful at this phase, what seemed to start as the best love story in the world could become a horror show in a matter of minutes. 
Have you faced the wrath of a betrayed woman before? If no, we advise that you keep it that way. If yes, we are sure you don’t want to go down that road anymore. 

Dating May be More Expensive
Rollo Tomassi, in his best seller series, The Rational Male, opined that the sex one outrightly pay for is cheaper than the sex one gets with a supposed “girlfriend.” We will have to agree because a Ukrainian, European and Russian Escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Phuket charges you one-time for her services. 
Do you think 9000 Baht is too expensive for an Ukrainian, European and Russian Escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Phuket sleepover? Wait till you find out that you have to take your girlfriend on a date, buy her gifts, give her money, buy her flowers. If she’s a student, you will contribute or outrightly pay her school fees, and help her with rent. 
You do all these, hoping that you will eventually get a chance to hit. This is laughable when you can simply pay 9000 Baht and enjoy the company of a beautiful Escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Phuket with amazing skills on the bed. Did we mention that she will never call you to ask you for any favor in the future? Now, do the math and decide which is cheaper.
These are just some of the reasons we kick against dating in Thailand, especially if you are only here for a short vacation. If you want a beautiful Russian, European or Ukrainian girl to keep your bed warm for the night, you can go out and try to hit on a few you come across on the streets. 
Or, you can simply pick up your phone and visit your favorite online directory to book the Russian girl of your choice. If you want something more exclusive, you can go to exclusive clubs and premium bars where you will meet high-quality and radiantly beautiful Europeans and Ukrainians. 
Don’t be flabbergasted by their beauty, and ensure you don’t appear naïve or needy. But if you can’t help it, we recommend that you book a VIP table in the club/bar. Doing this is like a veil of attraction. Once the ladies see you in the VIP section, they will come to your table and do the talking while you sip your favorite champagne. 
You can
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