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Origin: Europe Country: Middelburg, Netherlands  Age:26

Best Companion While in Bangkok
European escort in Bangkok- Emily


🌻 Variety is the spice of life. And who understands that better than me. Everyone gets bored with the same thing every day. Whether it is food, clothes or sex. Isn’t that why we search for the new in our life always. It is for a variety that people travel to so many places so that they can enjoy something different. It is for this variety that man continuously invents newer stuff every day. Without variation, life will be dull and colorless.

🌻 If it is a variety that you are looking for, then I am the one you need. I enjoy the range and that is why I became an escort. At our escort agency, we get clients of such variety that there is never a shortage of surprises in our lives. I need something new every day, and I am willing to try something new. Nothing scares me or repels me. I am a ready student to anyone who will teach me new things. The only condition is that it should please my needy body.


🌻 I am made for the pleasure of humans. I didn’t say, men, because women seem to love me too. My arms are open to anyone who is willing to give me something that I have never enjoyed. I am eager to share the things that I know with you and show you new tricks. My clients ask me every time they come to our escort service because they know that Emily is there to show them new things every time.

🌻 After a few years, even the most loving couple get bored with each other. They need to spice up their lives and do something different so that their love stays strong. They need to indulge in activities that will give them a feeling of doing something that they have never done before. When you do something new, there is a new burst of energy that your body feels. Call our escort agency and ask for me. I will show you what you are missing. I will show you how to spice up your life.

🌻 If you are as open-minded as me and willing to explore new ways to satisfy your lust, come and ask me to join you both. Allow me to make your love for each other stronger and fresher than before. Allow me to strengthen your bond and give your life new meaning to life in this world. Allow me to show you new spots in your body that you never thought could give you so much pleasure.

🌻 If you aren’t so open-minded to try new things together, you can even spend time with me alone. There is an intimacy that comes from being only two. There is something beautiful about sharing the pleasure with just one person. If you want to have me for yourself only, I am willing for that. It will give me more time to please you in every way you like. It will provide me with an opportunity to show you the things that you have never seen.


🌻 At Russian 69, we believe that every person should have a different experience. We continuously strive to give a unique experience to every person who avails the service of our girls. Come to me to get that unique experience. I am not just passionate but professional too. I will maintain the kind of privacy and secrecy that is so necessary for you. You can rest assured that what happens between us on that bed will never be known by anyone. 

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