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Origin: British  Country: UK- Sheffield   Age:23

Works as European Escort in Bangkok and Pattaya
European escort in Bangkok- UK

Daisy the European escort of Bangkok and Pattaya

🌹 I understand the need for men to have to show off their wives to their friends. Having a beautiful, sophisticated but subservient wife is a pride of every man. For successful men, a sexy wife is part of their success. And being the envy of other males not just boosts their ego, sometimes it makes men more attractive to other ladies too. Ladies like to see a man to whom a beautiful woman showers her respect and love.

🌹 Unfortunately, when a man achieves his peak, his wife is not someone whom he wishes to take around and show. Some women lose their interest to maintain their body and beauty once they are married and become a mother. Some women don’t understand the need for a man to show off his trophy wife to his friends. It is such women that I like to replace, at least for a short while when you are around people who don’t know you much.

🌹 Is there a private yacht party that you would like to take your wife and show off? Are you going to a party where people don’t know you well and will accept another woman as a wife? Then I am the girl you are looking for. They call me the wife-girl here. I like to play the wife to men. I look sophisticated, and I can behave like a wife from a high-class family. I sometimes wonder if there is some royal blood running in me. You can take me around and proudly show me as your wife.

🌹 I will behave like your wife when others are around. I will mix your drinks and be your lucky charm at the poker table. I will be one who can go around with the other ladies at the party and make smart conversation. I know a lot of subjects and keep myself updated with the current happenings of the world. I will link my arms with you and cling to you making other men and women envious. I can be the perfect wife or girlfriend to you. I like to do the role of an ideal wife in front of others.

🌹 There are only certain things that you can enjoy with your wife. But with me, you can indulge in all your fantasies. I can behave like the perfect wife even when we are behind closed doors. I will start with removing your shoes and rubbing your tired feet after the party. I will massage your head to remove all the tensions and make you feel relaxed. And then I am all yours to do what you want with me.

🌹 Whatever you can’t get from your wife, I will give you. You can unleash all your manliness on me, and I will only enjoy it. I will cooperate with you with pleasure in all the different experiences that you want to have on the bed. I take pride when men say they wished they had married me. But then I don’t like being the wife of only one man. Shouldn’t there be variety in life? Isn’t it what you seek from me when you come here.

🌹 If you think your wife will enjoy my company, you can bring her also the next time you come here. We can have a lovely evening together in Pattaya or Bangkok visiting the various places. I can show you both all the beautiful places here and then we can have some great time at night. I can give both of you some erotic massage and prepare you for an excellent time. I enjoy giving pleasure to both of you if that is what you want.

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