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Russian escort in Bangkok- The love

Chapter 5-The Indian Boy and Russian Escort in Bangkok- Thailand

It was a candle light dinner, arranged by their fiends.  There was always something romantic about the candlelight dinners. From the serenity provided by the candles, to the dimness, to the glistening light, to the scent, there was always something that was evoking the feel of love, passion and romance. Candlelight has a yellow hue that is dissimilar from other sources of light. It was the very hue that brought the sense of comfort, setting the ideal ambiance for a romantic dinner.
To say the least, the aura was peaceful, serene and relaxing. They walked alone on the sea beach for sometimes by holding their hands. They enjoyed the food most and they were complimenting each other as Anna was looking ravishingly
beautiful Russian escort, Ali was looking dashing and handsome. 
For most of the couples, Valentine’s Day is one of the most valuable days of life when they want to spend time together with their loving partner and prove them that how much they care and love them. Ali was such kind of person and he wanted to enjoy his Valentine’s Day with his love. This was a perfect plan for the innocent and childlike boy Ali.

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It was an amazing day for the boy, Ali and he was enjoying his new love very much. They saw the beauty of sunset at the sea beach, they cuddled and hugged each other and spent lots of quality time in the fully decorated, beautiful restaurant. Ali was so pleased by the beauty and nature of Anna and he went to a hotel room with her after having an excellent dinner. He was so happy that he got another chance to explore his love again.
After having few shots of tequila they went to the bed this time Ali became the ruler on the bed. He asked Anna to listen to his instructions and she did everything that her client and friend Ali wanted from her. 

Ali asked her about his past life but she told him that she will tell him surely but on another day, this was not the right day to spoil the mood. 
They had experienced something heavenly with each other and then she moved for her work on the next morning. 

At the evening of next day, Ali went to a restaurant with his friends. They just wanted to have dinner out. In the middle of the time, Ali found out Anna with another guy. He got furious by seeing her with other person and insults him badly. Anna and Ali’s friends, all became surprised with that sudden incident and they did not understand that why Ali is behaving like this. Ali is generally a shy and calm person and even his childhood friends knew him as a shy and calm person. They asked him that what was happening there. Ali had no answer. It was his insecurity and possessiveness towards Anna that pushed him to beat a man. After discovering the fact Anna became very angry and told him that she just doesn’t want to continue her friendship or any other relation with such a complicated and stubborn person like Ali. 
Ali never met or went for intimacy before Anna and he was deeply in love with her. But for Anna, it was just a friendship, not any love. Even Anna was committed to another person. 
Ali became mad at knowing factor. Anna asked him to stay away from Anna. His friends also were in shock after knowing all the facts. 
They parted away with the promise that they will never meet each other in future. 
Ali told Anna that he loves her but Anna declined his proposal and told him that it is impossible for her to accept an immature and stubborn person as her boyfriend. 
This incident was so painful for Ali to accept. He was madly in love and he lost her love due to his possessiveness and immaturity. He was suffering from tremendous pain and it was unbearable for him. 

So he returned his home in India with the pain and left behind all his bright future and career. Even he lost his interest for his business, on that he had most of the interest. 
It was the heartbroken situation for him. He lost his interest in life. It became hard for his family also to see him in such condition. They asked their friends about the matter. They wanted to see his friend happy in any way and they planned something for him. They wanted to have a girl in his life. 

If anyone just got out of a long-term relationship, no matter the reason for the breakup, it is very hard to get back into the dating pool for him with a new companion. It has been months since they dated and his situation was miserable. His friends came to India and stay beside his friend. They tried a lot to make him happy. They planned a party for him in a club but he was not feeling like he can walk into a club or a bar and chat with other people.  It was no longer a scene that he was comfortable with or fit in.

In this situation, when he was not ready to consider getting his feet wet in the field of romance with a new companion, his friends planned the option of text message dating for him. They discussed the matter with Ali first and then after having his permission the booked Anna for chatting.

They called the agency and hired Anna for an online messaging service. But they did don reveal his identity to them as they knew that Anna will not chat with Ali then. 
Then that started chatting over the phone and it was the best treatment for Ali to forget all his pain. Anna was extremely talented and skilled to offer the best of messaging service to her client. She was sending the best erotic messages to Ali and it was enough to inspire Ali to get back in his life and enjoy it in his own way. 

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