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Russian escort- The love and bed story in Bangkok

Chapter 4-The Indian Traveler and Russian Escort -Hot & Lovely

Episode 4
After half an hour of chatting with all the friends, they went to Ali’s room to spend their special timer together. It was the first time for Ali when he was completely alone with a girl and he also never enjoyed the experience of cozy togetherness with a hot girl. Even it was his first adventure with a girl. They started the session with casual chatting with other but they started that with the promise they will not discuss anything about work or office. They just started their conversation with simple jokes and by sharing their thoughts on casual matters. They found that they have many common interests and just discussed them. Anna liked the sense of humor of Ali most but he was very shy to go for a physical intimacy, so much scared and with fewer ideas that what to do when he is alone with a gorgeous and beautiful girl. 
just started it with a simple kiss and next to a hug and next was a fondling. Ali was completely inexperienced but Anna was well trained and experienced to make her clients happy and she was well aware of the fact that how to make a man comfortable on the bed. She gained control over Ali each time they advanced to a next step. He felt like an obedient little boy who just followed what the girl told her to do. Though he was enjoying what she was doing, he still did it. Stupid as it may sound, he felt obligated to do as she wished. Perhaps it was his yearning for attention. It can be her very manipulative ways or her lovely tricks that made him crazy. He was experiencing something heavenly and different. Whatever it was, it was something that brought complete satisfaction into Ali’s life. 
Eventually, the fondling led to actual sex. It was very exciting and relaxing for Ali.  There was everything intimate or even beautiful about it. The sex continued and it became something that Ali has enjoyed a lot. It was the first time for him when he has experienced something new in life, a new ray of love, a new world of physical satisfaction. Nothing was robotic in that involvement but it was fun-filled, comfortable and pleasing for both of the partners. After learning the tricks from Anna, Ali ruled the bed and he did everything to make his love happy and to give her the same satisfaction and thrill. 
Then they just talked about sex and it was another trick of Anna to Ali comfortable and to give him the ultimate happiness. They talk about it in a different way. They did not talk about such oh-that-feels-so-good or get-me-off kind of sex, but the kind of sex that is all-encompassing where they felt that they were making love to life.
This was really a journey of remembering the profound nature of their sexuality and it was also wild ride that may await Ali.
They made their relationship with their sexuality is like a dance performance, and Anna told him that it reap great benefits when he learns to trust this part of himself. 
She asked him that if he was ready to embrace letting go of everything in order to feel the infinite places of this kind of relationship with your sexuality may take him. 
She just created the sex magic for Ali. It was an unspoken language for him that deserves reverence, understanding, and deep listening. It was more the voice, an expression, and their personal presence. They praised each other for their talent in bed and Anna was surprised by witnessing Ali’s wildest side on the bed and she was too much happy. 
After a fun-filled and exciting night, Anna said goodbye to Ali and took her tips and went back to her place. Ali was also very happy and excited and he shared all of his experience with his friends. With the beautiful memory of the night, he joined his work but he did not able to concentrate on his work as he was missing Anna and her companionship. Anna was also busy with her own work. 
They met again at the professional set up in the office of Anna. Ali was there to submit some major documents and project details where he found Anna and he immediately hugged her and kissed her. But Anna did not like that as she was in her office and this is a completely different professional atmosphere for her. She told Ali to behave himself and to keep control over his emotion. Ali felt very insulted and he left the place immediately even without submitting the papers.  He was angry and insulted and he showed tantrums with his friends too. They understood everything and they arranged something unique and different for their child like a friend. They hired Anna now as a common of dinner date for Ali. They booked a table in one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangkok, at the bank of the sea. They sent Ali by saying that one of their business partners will wait for him there. He reached the predestined venue but he found only Anna there, no other people. He was so much angry with Anna and he refused to see her. But she was looking like the god of beauty, so elegant, so sophisticated and so much charming. On that day, she arrived in a pink, floral dress and Ali forgot everything and every rift. 
Anna told him that it was her workplace and she never wanted to insult him but just tried to teach him some old but very much new atmosphere of any office. She never disclosed her job details as an escort to his company for whom who worked for. Ali understood everything and told her that don’t do such cases again. 
This was a perfect romantic dinner date for them, so much beautiful and full of fun. Ali’s friends have booked a cozy corner for them as they wanted to give them some reasons to explore the secret of their lives. 


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