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Russian escort- The sex story in Bangkok

Chapter 3-The Indian Traveler and Russian Escort -Bangkok Story

Episode three 
Bangkok is one of the happening and hot places to spend for the lovebirds. Anna and Ali have the started exploring the city but this time with lots of feelings in their hearts. Bangkok has the great selection of excellent shopping malls that are big enough and plentiful enough to match virtually any of European and American city. They visited such kinds of places but Anna did not take any expensive gifts from him. She was then just working as an escort and simple tips and good payment was enough for her and she was not ready to take a gift from a person she hardly known for one day. As there were the wide array of high-end items, renowned brands, and the international dining establishments, the girl has denied taking any benefit of a life from her client. 
It was very much impressive for Ali and he found the right way to prove his friends wrong. They just roam around the shopping malls to witness the lavish lifestyle of the city and these malls are also excellent places to spend some quality time together. After visiting a number of malls they went to the Lumpini Park of the city. 

Amidst of the heavy traffic of the city, this place sets up as the green oasis and far from the chaos and busy life of Bangkok. They were looking for an escape from the busy city and this place was just right for them to share some close moments with each other. So they spent lots of time there and chatted for long hours. Sitting in the shade of Chinese pagoda they hugged each other and spent some cuddling moments. After that, they also went for a boat ride in the lake. They spent the entire afternoon there. 

Then they went to enjoy the street foods of Bangkok. They went to the Rambuttri, which is Great Street in Bangkok to enjoy the street foods. The hipster style face and the ambiance, both were good for them to explore the city life best. They got tons of food options there and enjoyed the Thai and Chinese food a lot. They also went for the teak boat ride on the canyon that was more like a Venice-like feeling for them. 

At night they parted away with the promise that they will meet again. Ali gifted a pink rose to her as the symbol of their true friendship. 

The Other Russian Escort Agency in Bangkok!

After returning home, Ali told his friends that their prediction was wrong and their prediction about the girl was completely wrong and she is not a money seeker and a girl to just have fun but she is a sensible companion and a good friend. For Ali, Anna was completely a girlfriend material and he was mesmerized by her beauty completely but he found a girlfriend material in her. She became a good friend of the boy. But his friends were not ready to accept the fact; they severally pushed him to forget the girl and days that he has spent with her.  He was there in a new city with his friends only and he trusted them blindly, so he agreed to their terms and condition and he tried to follow their words. But from the next day, as he started his work, he started missing the girl terribly and even he was not able to concentrate on his own work. He was missing her badly but his friends were trying hard to help him to forget the girl.
During those tough days, they got a huge success for their company. They got a big project to complete. To celebrate their success, they went to a nightclub. The destiny has something different plan for him. They were dancing and having fun with friends when he spotted Anna there. No, she was not with any of her clients but this time she was with her friends. Anna was there because she also got a good contract with the company she worked for. They met and out of excitement, he kissed her in front of everyone. Anna was also a big surprise with his brave move. He introduced her to his friends and told her to join their party. It was a good chance for him to clear all the doubts about Anna. They partied for the r big surprise; Ali came to know that Anna will be the web designer for their big project.
Ali was so happy after returning home that he finally met his love and his friends also accepted her as a really good person. 
Well, from the next day they started their work and he again met Anna in complete professional attire in her office. She was looking equally sophisticated and elegant on that day. Ali was stunned by her knowledge. She met her in the conference room as she was responsible to discuss the matter of the project. She was the designer head of the company that given the project to Ali’s company. 
For the work purpose, they were meeting each other regularly and they became friends day by day. 
Ali was not happy with just friendship term between them but he wanted her as her girlfriend. But he was in big hesitation as Anna worked as an escort and they he knew that very well that his family will never accept her as their family member. 
But love is blind and stubborn; it does not understand any complication of life. So he finally fell in love with Anna instead of all the obstruction and boundaries of his family and friends. 
He was looking for a good way to come more close to Anna and with this desire he hired her for a night by calling her agency. 
They met each other at the apartment of Ali, where he was living with three other men or his best friends. She was looking breathtakingly beautiful in her gorgeous short black dress and Ali, became crazy by seeing her at his doorstep. 

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