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Nightlife Pattaya: Where to Go Out at Night in Pattaya (Clubs and Markets) to meet Ukraine and Russia Escort or Just Girls

Pattaya has gained popularity as a tourist spot partly due to its diverse nightlife options targeted towards adults, such as go-go bars, massage parlors, and saunas, catering to both local residents and foreign visitors.
In contrast, Pattaya's nightclubs provide a wide range of entertainment galore, including live rock performances, foreign DJs, cabaret shows, rooftop bars, pool parties, and the opportunity to mingle with hot Russian, European and Ukrainian girls. The most popular areas for these activities, such as Walking Street, Soi Beach Road, and Soi Buakhao, are bustling with numerous pubs, clubs, and restaurants.
Where to go out at night in Pattaya
Pattaya Walking Street

When night falls, Walking Street becomes one of Pattaya's busiest and most favored spots, as it leads to Beach Road. This 500-meter stretch of Beach Road is closed to motor vehicles every evening at 6 pm and rapidly becomes crowded with people and party-goers. On both sides of the street, you would run out of fingers to count the number of clubs in every 5 minutes walk. And in each of these clubs, you will definitely meet gorgeous Russian ladies that will blow you away.
Soy 6
Soi 6 presents Pattaya's finest red-light nightlife experience for those seeking an alternative to Walking Street. This street is lined with go-go bars that are relatively more affordable and accessible. However, it's important to note that not all bars are created equal, as they vary in themes and price ranges. You will have to try them out one after the other to know which fits your pocket best. Also, bear in mind that the more expensive the bar, the more expensive the girls there too.
Soi LK Metro
Among the party streets in Pattaya, Soi LK Metro is renowned for providing an exceptional nightlife experience at an affordable cost. Similar to other party hotspots in Pattaya, it's filled with vibrant go-go bars. Nevertheless, the bars and nightclubs in this area are gaining popularity due to their location away from the crowded Walking Street and Soi 6.
Although it may not be considered an iconic nightlife destination, the area is home to some of Pattaya's finest bars and clubs, especially if good drinks and serenity are your top priority. The girls here too are damn hot, and nothing short of exclusivity and luxury
Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach is reputed for housing some of the top-notch nightlife destinations in Pattaya. Several bars and restaurants are operational on the beach, providing a relatively laid-back atmosphere for families and friends to eat, drink, meet people, make new friends and relish the cool sea breeze in the evening.
The beachfront also features numerous beach clubs, including Summer House, Suttangrak, The Oxygen, and The Sky Gallery, which are perfect for a leisurely evening in Pattaya, offering delicious food and strong cocktails.
A lot of Russians, Europeans and Ukrainians come here to chill and have fun. It won’t be much of a coincidence to meet 5 stunning girls that you wish to have at once. 
Other Night Attractions in Pattaya
Cabaret shows

Pattaya is home to numerous cabaret shows, such as the Coliseum Show and the Tiffany's Show, that showcase hundreds of charming dancers, humorous comedians, and other performers, providing an entertaining and energetic evening full of diverse experiences. If you take a Russian babe here, she will take you to cloud nine later.
Pattaya night markets
Chiefly occupying over 100,000 square meters of land and water, Pattaya Floating Market is divided into four sections, representing Thailand's northern, southern, northeastern, and central regions. It's an excellent spot to submerge yourself in Thai culture, with an assortment of shops where you can get local dishes, fruit stands, and even art galleries.
You need an escort, in form of a tou gide beside you, to lead and show you around. For that purpose, we suggest a Russian, Ukrainian or European lady. By the way, you can have more than one tour guide if you want.
Clubs and discos in Pattaya
Pattaya's reputation as a top party destination is largely due to its lively and dynamic nightlife venues. These venues are mainly situated along the famous Walking Street. They have state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, drawing renowned international DJs.
The primary musical genres played in Pattaya's nightclubs include house, trance, hip hop, R&B, and EDM. These clubs are classically bustling, with a mix of Russian, European and Ukrainian ladies every night. Below is a compilation of the top nightclubs in Pattaya:
Lucifer Night Club 
If you're in the mood for a lively party, Lucifer is an ideal spot to groove in Pattaya. It is one of the most bulbous nightclubs in Pattaya. Day in and day out, it hosts live bands, international artists, and banging-bodied Russians, Europeans and Ukrainian.
The club's interior is divided into two sections: the front area provides a laid-back ambiance with a Latin bar and soothing music. In contrast, the back area boasts a conventional nightclub setup. The crowds revel in the thumping music, while neon lights pulsate and drinks are poured generously. 
808 Nightclub
One of the most sophisticated and creative nightclubs in Pattaya is the 808 Nightclub, situated above the Candy Shop. The club has multiple areas around a well-lit main bar next to the stage. The main bar next to the stage divides the club into several sections. It plays house and EDM music and features local and international DJs, drawing a young and energetic crowd of Russian ladies, as well as European and Ukrainian girls. You won’t miss a lot of fun in Pattaya if this is your only choice of nightlife fun.
Mixx Discotheque 
Mixx Discotheque, voted one of the best nightclubs in Pattaya, brags a glamorous atmosphere with two surprisingly spacious halls that play a wide variety of party music. The club is bustling with people every day of the week, including weekdays. It’s a perfect spot to chill out with some Russian chicks after a long day.
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