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There’s absolutely no point hiding the fact that Thailand is famous for its wild nightlife, clubs, bars, and online escort services in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Some people even have that stereotypical view of Thailand that’s not so far from the truth.

But then, all the bubbling usually happens in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. We expect that a visit to any of these cities should be as memorable as possible. At least, you should also get a feel of the offered local and international escorts.

Be it as it may, you cannot enter these cities and expect to pick escort girls from anywhere as you wish. You still need to strategize on how to successfully meet beautiful Eastern, European, Ukrainian, and Russian girls and get laid.

You need to understand what options you have to turn your night into a romantic and unforgettable one. 

It could be for a one-night stand, short date, or ordinary flirting; whatever the case may be, let’s consider some of the different ways you can hook up with these beautiful ladies, taking into account their possible pros and cons.

1- Online Dating Websites in (BANGKOK, PATTAYA & PHUKET) Thailand

Perhaps the easiest and commonest option among the rest, dating websites are in their lots in Thailand. You just need the internet and a smartphone or PC to browse through these websites to pick any girl that suits you.

This option is not usually advisable if you are not interested in building a long-term relationship because it requires a lot of actual efforts, and is highly time-consuming. Let’s not even mention the fact that the odds will not always be in your favor. Imagine wasting so much of your limited time on a girl that’s barely replying your messages.

If all you want is a one-night stand or just some casual relationship, look away from dating websites.

Pros: opportunity of ending up with a long-term partner and landing a real relationship.

Cons: you cannot easily get a one-night stand on dating platforms, making it the least preferred option if you are just all about a short fun.

2- Online Escort Services i(BANGKOK, PATTAYA & PHUKET) Thailand

Similar to online dating platforms, there are a bunch of online escort service providers that offer European, Ukrainian and Russian escorts in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket 

A few clicks on the web should land you a beautiful chick for a one-night stand, or whatever you are willing to pay for. On these platforms, you can find such escorts as Russian escorts, Uzbek escorts Ukrainian escorts, male escorts, couple escorts and so on.

Pros: you get to enjoy a one-night stand with no emotional attachment. Maybe the best part of the bargain is that you won’t suffer yourself to flirt.

Cons: being a newbie in town, there’s a high chance of being overcharge. You may also be disappointed by the turn of events when it dawns on you that you are nothing but a client to her. If you care about your health, you’d better get your protective wears ready. Hidden costs, attitude girls and the fake profiles and over edited pictures to reduce the age of model etc. are things to worry about too.

3- Casually Picking Up a Girl on the Street of BANGKOK, PATTAYA & PHUKET

This is self explanatory as it can get, and we expect that you understand the risks and probabilities involved in catcalling girls on the streets or tourist areas at night.

Pros: there’s hardly any good thing about this, but to be optimistic, you could be lucky enough to get your future wife/girlfriend.

Cons: catcalling girls on the streets at night can be very exhaustive. You can run into some scammers and be duped of your money, or even kidnapped. What about the risk of STDs should you successfully land a one-night stand?

5- Visiting Clubs and Bars to Pick up an Escort in BANGKOK, PATTAYA & PHUKET

Clubs and bars are one of the best places to meet real girls that are ready to be hooked in real time. If you are a club person, this can be a very good option for you to get laid. Popular clubs and bars such as Walking Street in Pattaya, Nana Road in Bangkok, etc. are well known for housing beautiful Russian, Uzbek and Ukrainian girls that are there for the same reason as you.

Pros: you get to enjoy easy access to wide range of activities, clubs ,bars and restaurants. You also get to meet girls in their numbers straight away in such areas. Bars, clubs and restaurants are like offline versions of online escort directories. If you play your cards well, you may land a long term relationship, if that's your mission.

Cons: we hate to break it to you that a good number of the girls in these areas are much more concerned about your pocket than your personality. Also, dealing with such girls puts you at the risk of STDs. If you don’t like competing with other guys for a girl’s attention, then this is not for you. We’ve heard a lot of stories where girls lead guys on only to varnish into thin air with another guy of their dreams when it’s time to go home.

Is There a Better Way to Do This?

If you noticed, all of the options above are lacking in one area or the other, and that should leave you wondering if there’s a better way to meet Ukrainian, Russian and Uzbek girls without undergoing so much stress.

We are here to let you know that there is a better way, and that is to HIRE AN


Change the game by hiring an event planner that will design, arrange and organize a party in a club for you so that you are the cynosure of attention for the night.

Let your VIP table shine in a club! This is what we mean by that: when you book the services of an event planner, they will help you book a VIP table in a club that matches your personality and taste. For example, you could try out a place that tourists are not even aware of its existence, such that you end up being the only foreign guy there. Imagine the number of girls that will be genuinely interested in getting you laid. Hardly will you meet a gold digger.

Or you can even take your grandeur to a club in busy tourist spots and yet steal the show given how you will be treated with VIP respect. Party planners can help you secure the best spot in any club of your choice provided you are willing to pay. They will make sure that your table stands out with ornamental decorations spotting your favorite champagnes.

The VIP treatment can even start right from your hotel door. Event planners can arrange private limousines and personal bodyguards to escort you from your hotel to the club of your choice.

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Ready to Get Such VIP Treatments?

If you want exceptional VIP treatments to attract the best girls to you and your table, then waste no time. Get in touch with Siam Planner, and let them set you up for the best VIP table in the best club and create a moment that you’ve ever had in your life.

Highly Personalized Event Plans

At Siam, they believe that the first step to dishing VIP services is personalization. Therefore, they take their time to plan every event according to the exact taste and budget of their asking client.

Visit to get started now.

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